[na-user] ordering NA ?

on6zx@hamgate.kc3ol.sound.net on6zx@hamgate.kc3ol.sound.net
Tue, 04 Feb 97 12:04:25 cst

Hello .......

I heard about the new version NA 10.14.Well I want to order the program
but there are some points on which I want to ask you somethings:

-I want to order it with the "CVB" and I heard there was a special reduce
 offer on for 75 $,is this still in order ??
-With the option "Create a contest" option,is it possible to enter the calcula-
 tion of the points,and additional info like 599 001 =>LB<= ??
-How about packet.In CT I can turn my packet in action with DRSI,does this
 program also have this option or only via the COM port.
-I heard there's also an option to put on the paddels in CW.Is this via
 the com port,or is it parallel with the "PC keyer" or via an electronic
 keyer such as an 8044 from Curtis ??
-How long must I wait before my software gets here ??
-How about exporting the NALOG,can it also be done in ASCII format??Because
 some organisations still don't take DISCs.....

Thanks for your attention



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