[na-user] Auto Insert to Band Map

dap14@chrysler.com dap14@chrysler.com
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 08:42:05 -0500

     Last week we had an interesting discussion started by Karel, OK2FD
     about automatically having the callsign inserted into the Band Map
     when the space bar was pressed.  I see a problem with this in that
     partial calls will get into the band map.  For example:

     Karel: CQ TEST OK2FD TEST
     Me:    K8garblegarble
     Karel: K8 5NN15                    (K8 goes into the band map)
     Me:    QSL 5NN4 DE K8Cgarble       (K8C goes into the band map)
     Karel: CALL AGN?
     Me:    K8Cgarble
     Karel: K8CK?                       (K8CK goes into the band map)
     Me:    NO K8CC K8CC BK
     Karel: QSL K8CC QRZ TEST OK2FD     (K8CC goes into the band map)

     This example may not be truly this severe, for Karel might not press
     the spacebar with each exchange.  However, for any contest other than
     CQWW (where people have gotten into the dangerous habit of just
     logging a call and hitting enter) I will wager that at least K8 gets
     in to the band map through this example.  Don't expect NA to decide
     for itself when the call is truly complete - with all the whacko
     combinations we've all encountered over the years, I GIVE UP!

     In the US Sweepstakes contest in particular, the fastest way thru the
     multiple fields is by whacking on the space bar many times.  In SS,
     the potential for this to be a problem is probably worse.

     Note that this does not apply to N4VJ's suggestion that any two-radio
     alternate dupe dump the call into the band map because you have a
     distinct terminating key (i.e., return) which indicates the presence
     of a full call.  There is no reason we can't implement Bill's

     Since this feature seemed to draw a lot of attention last week, I
     thought I would bounce this observation off y'all.  In the end, its a
     judgement call - if the feature creates a small amount of convenience
     for a significant amount of aggrevation, its not worth it.

     73, Dave

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