[na-user] New Country files for NA - 11 February 1997

Jim Reisert Jim Reisert <AD1C@tiac.net>
Tue, 11 Feb 1997 23:22:47 -0800

I have uploaded new country files for NA.  Here's where you can find


Or, send E-mail to na-user-REQUEST@ve7tcp.ampr.org and put one
more of the
following commands in the BODY of the message:

	GET country.dat

Or download NACTY701.ZIP from the NA BBS -

Finally, here is the revision history.  Please send any
questions to

73 - Jim AD1C

08-Feb-1997     * Added BD to
prefix list for China, BY.
(CTY-701)       * Added LU1ZI, KC4/KL7RL, WB7CHV/KC4 and VP8CTR to callsign
                  list for Antarctica, CE9.
                * Removed LU2ANT from Antarctica, CE9.
                * Added JA4GXS/JD1 to callsign list for Ogasawara, JD/o.
                * Removed a few pre-vanity callsigns from United States, K.
                * Added CQ Zone overrides for N5KO(3), N9GG(5), W2NA(3),
                  K4AB, K4CU, K4NA, K4RO, N4GN, N4KG, N4NM, N4NO, N4XM, N4YO,
                  W4NS, W4RJ, W4WW and (all zone 4), K3GP(4), K8FC(5),
                  K3AO(4), N7US(4) and N9HZQ(5);
                * Added OH0MAM to callsign list for Aland Is., OH0.
                * Added KC6SM, KC6TG, KC6VW and KC6YZ to callsign list for
                  Palau, T8.
                * Added RN2 as prefix for Kaliningrad, UA2.
                * Added RN8(T,V), RN9 and RN0 as prefixes for Asiatic Russia,
                * Added XO7A in CQ Zone 3 to callsign list for Canada, VE.
                * Added VA2UA, VE2DMG, VE2RB and VE8WE in CQ Zone 2 to
                  callsign list for Canada, VE.
                * Added VK9PG to callsign list for Lord Howe I, VK9L.

Jim Reisert <AD1C@tiac.net>

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