[na-user] FT-890 Rig Control

dap14@chrysler.com dap14@chrysler.com
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 15:06:46 -0500

     First, I doubt that the problem is in his homemade interface, because
     as he said, it works with other programs.  It is most likely a problem
     with the software protocols - that is, the data sent from the computer
     to the radio over the serial link to command certain functions from
     the radio.  Yaesu documents these protocols in the owner's manuals for
     the radios.  However, in many cases the manuals are wrong.  When we
     did the FT-1000 support, we had to resort to having K3TUP ship his
     radio to me before we could get it right.  In the case of the FT-990,
     we had a number of problems before I finally drove out to AA8U and
     tested with his radio when we discovered that Yaesu's documentation
     was in error and after some experimentation, got things working

     I suspect this is the problem with the FT-890.  One user was kind
     enough to xerox his manual and send it to me, and there have been no
     clear complaints since.  However, this does not mean that NA works
     correctly, as the K7MK letter attests.  I do not have access to an
     FT-890 thru my radio acquaintances, so I have not personally tested
     NA's performance with the radio.

     An interesting note: when the ARRL was doing the testing for their
     review of the Japan Radio Company 245 radio, they shipped me the radio
     to allow me the opportunity to make NA work with it.  It usually only
     takes a day or so with a radio to get things working properly, and in
     this case, it worked out real well.

     The problem with CONFIG.EXE not setting the radio type correctly may
     be a cosmetic error.  If the type was really a IC-725, Jim would be
     getting absolutely nothing from the radio connection.  I will check
     this tonite and report back to the reflector.

     I will also review the protocols tonite based on Yaesu's information
     and see if there is anything that I missed.  However, if experience
     with the other radios is any indication, I may have to get my hands on
     a radio to get to the root of the problem.

     73, Dave/K8CC

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