[na-user] NA Features

Mike73@aol.com Mike73@aol.com
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 22:24:21 -0500 (EST)

Hi Dave,

I'm commenting strickly from my perspective which is the VHF/UHF contest
world. I can't see any benefit of Mouse Support. In our Multi-Limited
Operation, the largest benefits are small program size and speed of execution
on older hardware. We use a variety of Networked machines. Most are based on
the old Turbo-XT configuration. Backups are to 720K 3.5" disks. One reason we
chose this hardware is availability at modest prices. Plus with the slower
clock speeds, we tend to chase less birdies on the bands generated by some of
the faster/newer machines. (One exception is the IBM ThinkPad series. These
things are _Real_ quiet even with 486 processors in them) With the money we
save on computer hardware, we can improve our stations RF wise.

I like the Band Map change in NA10 for VHF work. Being able to move the
center of the map is nice. I was envious when I first saw it in CT.

One area I could see working on is Roving. I worked as a Rover this past
weekend activating  9 out of 10 grids we passed through. With the new rover
rules it's a pain to score afterwards. Mults are by band regardless of grid
and then you add an extra mult for each grid activated......... What a pain!
I used a separate log for each grid which helped control dupes, but didn't
make scoring any easier. There is also the question of logging rovers when we
operate M/L. We use the Callsign/Grid  Grid format which is OK. It can trip
you up if the Rover doesn't identify as a rover the first time. I've tried
the Non-dupe feature, which will allow the same callsigns to be logged if the
grids are different, but later when you do a partial call check to see if
you've worked a rover in a particular grid, it only shows the single callsign
(as it should) so you have no idea where you've worked them before.

I don't have answers to some of these questions. I've been thinking about
them for quite some time. Maybe other users here have some suggestions.

One final question, I got an error message  ERROR 09 in Module NA1013 at
address 15B4:49A8 when I was trying to write my logs to disk after the
contest this weekend. It appears to have generated all the output files
correctly.  ????

Keep up the good work Dave! I still think you have the best logging program
for me out there. I like the clean, uncluttered screen and I don't need a
Pentium Pro to run it!



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