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James c Rogers (James c Rogers)
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 19:52:06 EST


Heres my input to your recent posting to the reflector:

1. I have no need for mouse support on NA. In fact I'm now trying to come
up with more com port availability WITHOUT considering a mouse in the
system.  I don't see any need to move windows around the screen either.

2. The band map I find useful in contests where there are a lot of
multipliers to keep up with like the CQWW.  I often use the band map to
see which mults I need in a particular area of the world that I find has
propagation to it, and then go looking for some of those mults calling cq
or even calling cq myself.  I recently bagged a CP because I heard lots
of LU's calling and some ZP's. The band map told me I needed the CP.

Also picked up an  EL in CQWW because I knew I need one and heard a TU
For 100w station with a modest tri-bander and wire, a mult can be worth
10 minutes, or more,  of cqing or S&P at some points in a contest.

3. The EDIT COMMENTS I have never used.  I keep notes on paper in all
contest for quick reference while the f1 button is pushed.
Dave,  this kind of support from you  makes buying/upgrading  NA an easy
choice next time for me, thanks,


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