[na-user] easy adding NL section & deleting VR2-VS6

JBaumgarte@aol.com JBaumgarte@aol.com
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 08:15:07 -0400 (EDT)

I appologize to the many that might consider the following too simplistic,
but after hearing that "many requests have come in to the author for a new
version containing the new Canadian section NL", it appears that lots of
folks, including me, have been reluctant to do any personal editing of this

I just realized how simple it really is!  It might be beneficial (especially
to K8CC, who is so very gracious with his time) to just spell this out.

First of all, whenever I do anything to an important part of any program I
copy the file to a different directory ( I made a new directory called
NA1)--so for safety sake:
               C:\NA>copy country.dat C:\NA1
                C:\NA>copy sections.mlt C:\NA1
Now if you accidentally hold down the delete key and wipe out half of the
line above, you have back up!

Now to add the NL section:  (at the NA prompt as shown above)
                  C:\NA>edit sections.mlt
The entire file will pop up and you can scroll down to the Maratime section
and delete (carefully)the VO1 and VO2 prefixes being sure not to leave any
extra spaces or commas and not wiping the final semi-colon.
Now after the semi-colon create a space by hitting return and then on a fresh
line typing in the information for the new section being careful to mimic the
lines above in spacing, punctuation, etc.  Use VO1 & VO2.  

To save, hit alt. F  X  Y in order and its done!  (You will receive prompts
for the F X Y)

Changing Hong Kong to China is much the same:
              C:\NA>edit country.dat
Scroll first to China.  At the end of the long list of prefixes add VR2,VS6;
  (no extra spaces and make sure the semicolon goes at the end)
Scroll to Hong Kong and change the basic country column from VS6 to BY. Save
it as above and its done.  When a new prefix is announced for Pitcairn, it
can be changed.  

Much the same, I found out how easy it is to add notes or change your summary
sheet.  For instance to edit the sweepstakes cw entry (my file name 96SSCW) I
type at the NA prompt.        C:\NA>edit 96sscw.sum               It pops
right up and you can add notes, fix the incorrect time, or whatever.

Hope this isn't considered a waste of bandwidth, but I don't believe I'm the
lone ranger in not totally understanding this simple process.  We need to
keep our enthusiastic author enthusiastic and available for the really tough

73  John  N0IJ

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