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Wed, 19 Mar 1997 08:49:33 -0500 (EST)

Please add to NA. I will buy the next version that uses this format.

Thanks KR4DA Bob Lawrenceville GA 

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<< A Ray-Commentary on the value of ADIF
 I've been catching up on my mail here.  Seems like a lot of the mail is
 writing an export for this-log. that-log. fuji-log. toyo-log. me-log.
 dis-log. dat-log. etc-log. 
 I believe my time is better spent fixing problems with the main RTTY 
 program and adding new features versus writing export code which only gets
 used every once and a while.  This is the is nice thing about ADIF.  One
 export routine for all supported logging applications.  I challenge you
 folks to write your logging software author and ask him or her
 to put ADIF support into their code.  It makes our lives simpler.
 If you want me to write import code and not add features to RTTY
 because my time is limited then Ill do so.  
 End of Commentary
 There is a demo version of RTTY by WF1B available, so please tell your
 "non-RTTY friends about it and tell them to try it!"
 PS. Many www pages are devoted to ADIF, you can begin with

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