[na-user] Problems with 10.21 and TE

Besancon at Brighton MI Besancon at Brighton MI <besancon@ismi.net>
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 16:27:49 -0400

I have experienced two problems with NA, one is in NA 10.21 and the other is in trying to
run a modified template after using TE.

The first problem with NA10.21 was discovered by accident during SAC CW. Having to wear 
glasses, I usually manage to type at least one call wrong. When I entered a call that was
not a valid SAC call, the program would crash with the following:

ERROR 9 IN NA1021 at 07C6:2E9C

After getting the DOS prompt and entering NA, the manufactures ID screen would come up
and then the keyboard was locked. A complete reboot was required to restart NA.

Problem two, is that when I have finished modifying a template using TE and try to run it,
I get a VIDEO ERROR 5 message and a funny colored background to screen. If I force my
way through, all seems to run OK.

Has anyone else had similar problems ??? 

Jim - K8SIA

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