[na-user] RE: 10.21 Error 05

Ken Newman Ken Newman <n2cq@comten.com>
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 01:17:14 -0400

To the Group (FYI):

The error reported here had been resolved.  It was NOT a new bug question
below but instead a bad download.  I put it on line in a big hurry and 
didn't notice the CRC error displayed, in the unzipping the compressed file.
Many thanks for the super support from Dave on this problem.

73, Ken - N2CQ

>Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 20:52:17
>To: List; NA-User
>From: Ken Newman <n2cq@comten.com>
>Subject: 10.21 Error 05
>I put the 10.21 I downloaded, on line for the upcomming contest season.
>To test it, I used a short manual log entry for my favorite contest,
>QRP ARCI template.  The first thing to start, I was explained that the
>template files had to be copied with a new suffix, which I did.
>The manual log went ok and I entered <alt>X, then W, to write the log.
>At that point, I got the:
> Error 05 occurred in module na1021 module at address 1EAF:1A06.
>Same thing on the print command.
>Worked ok after I fell back to my 10.13.  New Bug???
Ken Newman, N2CQ
Woodbury, NJ

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