[na-user] Transistor choice for keying rig & PTT lines

K4OJ@aol.com K4OJ@aol.com
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 02:17:01 -0400 (EDT)

The circuit described by Dave 'CC in the NA10 handbook shows the use of two
2N2222 transistors for positive keying of a solid state rig, and also for
activating the PTT line so don't have to beat on the vox circuit all weekend
long...nd get those partial dits and dahs at the beginning of a sending

Radio Shack does NOT stock 2N2222 NPN transistors, but they do stock 2N3053
NPN transistors....from my quick read of the ARRL handbook these seem to be
similar devices....can I substitue these for the 2222's....if so it means all
I have to do to finish my lil gem boxes tomorrow is pop by Rat Shack and pick
the 2N3053's up....heat up the iron....and then do something else prior to
contest season....like about a gazillion other chores!

How 'bout it - can I swap 'em?


Jim, K4OJ

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