[na-user] mobile logging in FQP

W5HNS W5HNS <W5HNS@aol.com>
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 14:56:30 EDT

I know this has been addressed here and I do not remember the answer.

The Florida contesters are preparing for their QSO party this coming weekend
and are asking questions about logging with NA.

Specifically, how does a Florida mobile log another Florida mobile from
counties without the program duping the contact?

If K4OJ/m is in Dade county and works  KN4T/m in Gator (hehe) County.  Then
works KN4T/m again when he moves to another county. How does he log it?

Also I think some need to know how to handle NA as they themselves change
county and are working the same folks all over again.  What is the best way to
answer this?

Send a solution to FQP@qth.net


Henry  W5HNS

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