[na-user] Re: [FQP] Logging Mobiles

Ron Wetjen Ron Wetjen <wd4ahz@gte.net>
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 20:03:39 +0000

Walter Deemer wrote:
> How do I log a contact with the same station in a different county (such as
> N4BP in Monroe and N4BP in Dade) as a separate contact in NA?

We don't.  Since we (Florida stations) can only work other Florida
stations for FL multiplier credit, we can only work a station once per
band or mode, regardless of what county they are in.

However, stations outside Florida will work mobile stations in each
county.  Looking at the NA 10.26 manual, I think this is how they have
to do it.  Type OPTIONS in the callsign field.  This should bring up the
"Program Options Control Box".  Then, I quote from the manual ...

"QTHs Must Match For Dupe.  This program option allows working stations
again as they move from location to location using the exact same
callsign.  For example, if in an ARRL VHF contest you work K8CC in EN82
then work K8CC again in EN83, the second QSO will be counted as a dupe
unless  QTHs Must Match For Dupes  is turned on."  (I don't know what
other versions you can do this with).

Dupe-checking won't be correct until you fill in the QTH data.  Haven't
tried it yet, but that seems to be what is needed to log multi-county

73, Ron


Ron Wetjen

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