[na-user] 10.24 questions

Bob Perring Bob Perring <perring@texas.net>
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 07:43:35 -0600

At 02:51 1/12/98 -0500, Tad Danley wrote:
>Two questions:
>I can't print my log. When I exit NA and select "P" to print the log, I
>get an error message that the printer is not ready. 
I had the same problem and worked it out with K8CC, but I've been to
India since then and my mind is still skewed with the curry and
poverty, so I can't remember what the print error solution was.
It had to do with my setting up configuration prior to printing, and
was an easy solution.
As I recall, K8CC designed 10.25 to overcome this problem.
Sorry to be so forgetful, but I'll be darned if I can remember any of
the particulars on what I did to get around this problem.

I think it had some relationship with my having an LPT-2 configuration
for the W9XT board and an A/B switch in the LPT-1 line, where I was
using the A/B switch in one postion for LPT keying and in another
position when I wanted to dump to print.

Version 10.25 seems to be my best solution for my absent mindedness.


BTW.... New Year's eve in Picadilly was fun. Christmas in Bombay was an
experience. I didn't have enough presents to hand out to everyone.

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