[na-user] re: NA on win95/Pentium

KK4R002@aol.com KK4R002@aol.com
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 06:14:25 EDT

I run NA under Win95 or reboot under DOS, and both work.  Granted I am using a
486, but I think it should work either way.  It just depends how much tweaking
you want to do.

If you want a shortcut for NA on your desktop or to be able to start it from
the Start menu, then running under Win95 is the simpler way to go in terms of
setting it up.  For either a shortcut or the Start menu, you should check the
properties of the shortcut.  (If you are using the DOS icon available under
windows, you should copy it and paste it on your desktop.  Name it NA before
making any other changes.)  Right click on the shortcut.  Choose the Program
index tab.  I have the following entries:

MS DOS Prompt
Working: C:\WINDOWS
Batch File: c:\bat\NA_start
Shortcut key: none
Run: Normal Window

Sometimes I like to exit NA and work in DOS, so my NA shortcut just starts a
DOS session and then starts NA.  NA_start.bat is a file in my \bat directory.
You don't need this, but it is nice to have so NA starts right up.  All it
really does is change to the correct directory (in my case, \hamtech\na) and
start NA, as shown below.


@echo off
cd c:\hamtech\na

If you don't want to mess with a batch file, uner the Program index tab, you
could set something like the following:

MS DOS Prompt
Cmd Line: C:\hamtech\na\na
Working: C:\hamtech\na
Batch File: none
Shortcut key: none
Run: Normal Window

Now, continuing to work on the shortcut properties ...
Under the Screen index tab, make sure the program will run in the full screen.

Under the Misc. index tab, disable everything but Termination (warn if still
active).  If you allow any of the hot-key combinations, you will probably have

Once you get all the properties set right, give it a try.

If that doesn't work, you will have to exit Win95 and reboot to DOS.  Somebody
suggested booting off a floopy to do this, and that will certainly work.
Alternately, you can choose Restart to DOS via Shutdown on the Start menu.
You can also make a shortcut to do this from Win95 that will configure the
computer for NA.  I run some DOS games that can't tolerate windows, so I have
several shortcuts that reboot the computer to DOS with special configurations.
Under Win95, you have to provide a set of commands for Config.sys and
Autoexec.bat files.  These will be automatically installed in the reboot
process.  You do this by settng the properties.

Look at the properties for the shortcut you made for NA.  Under the Program
index tab, choose Advanced.  Check the box for MS DOS mode.  That will cause
the machine to reboot to DOS.  Notice you have a text area for the config.sys
and autoexec. bat files that you should fill in.  These can be very simple,
and if you leave them blank, things might work fine.  I like to roll my own,
but I am not competent to tell others how to do it for their machines.  You
better look at one of the many books available for that information.  NA likes
a very simple configuration with the maximum memory left free.  Just for the
heck of it, my files are shown below with a little notation.  Before going on,
note that one you have checked the box for MS DOS mode, most of the other
property index tabs don't do anything.  Essentially, all the info will be
contained in the config.sys and autoexec.bat you provide.

my config.sys:

DEVICE=C:\windows\EMM386.EXE RAM noems
DEVICEHIGH=C:\cdromdrv\atapicd.sys /d:cd003

1.  The first line, beginning "device=c:\adisound...", is not needed since it
only sets up my sound card.  (Notice the second line is DOS=SINGLE.)  It will
not work for your machine.
2.  The next to the last line activates my cd rom drive, and it is also
unnecessary, and should not be used.
3.  Some of the other stuff might cause problems on a pentium (e.g. emm386 for

my autoexec.bat:

Loadhigh  c:\cdromdrv\mscdex.exe /D:cd003 /m:10 /L:G
SET winbootdir=C:\WINDOWS

1.  The second line is for my cdrom.  It is dead weight.
2.  The path includes \adisound to support the cdrom and sound card.  In any
case the path should be tailored to your machine and not include unnecessary

Hope this is clearer than mud.  My intent was to give you some ideas with
which to tackle the problem.  You can probably find a couple of ways to skin
the cat.


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