[na-user] Running NA under Win95

Boza, Tom Boza, Tom" <tom.boza@intel.com
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 12:36:00 -0700

        Does anyone have any idea when NA will be ported over (rewritten)
        as a true 32 bit Windows program?

Personally, I never run NA under Win95.  There are just so many places that 
problems can occur that I don't trust it.  I know of people who do it 
successfully, however make no mistake NA is a DOS program.  You're on your 
own if you run it under Win95.

One problem I encountered with my Dell laptop is that the port settings 
were set in the BIOS for "PnP" or "Plug And Play".  When set for PnP, these 
settings are resolved by Windows for its own use, but DOS programs are not 
designed to do this.  I fixed my Dell by setting the COM, LPT and mouse 
ports to specific values and the ports then worked fine.


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