[na-user] W9XT card and NA problem resolved

Dan Kovatch Dan Kovatch <w8car@lrbcg.com>
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 10:26:26 -0700

Many thank  to Dave's response on my query.  Turns out he was right on
the money plus I had another problem that really muddied the water.  I
had an expansion card installed in a slot that I was not using and it
was having an IRQ conflict with the original LPT port and had an address
problem with the XT card if I tried it at LPT 2. After removing it and
using the W9XT program FINDLPTS.EXE I found that what Dave stated is
true. Now the XT card resides at one address and the NA program 'sees'
it at another.  I have all of this written down but  it is STILL
confusing! Now, the voice keyer, paddle input and keyer work as they

Watch for the 1D from W8CAR.

Now, if I can resolve the other problem (IRQ city here I come) maybe I
can add an remote antenna switch.

GEEEZ-I wonder if Windows 98 would have solved this for

Thanks again Dave!
73 Dan W8CAR

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