[na-user] Updating sections.mlt

dap14@chrysler.com dap14@chrysler.com
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 16:04:20 -0500


Lessee, NA 6.0 would have been the version released at the Dayton
Hamvention in 1991, which explains why your sections list was out of date.
We're now at version 10.34, and virtually all of the support files such as
the country and multiplier lists have changed formats.  You may well have
to do more editing on some of the other multiplier files due to rules
change which have occurred in the intervening seven and a half years.
K8DD's suggestion of running EDIT in a DOS window is the best way.

Also, the main log file format has changed.  Beginning with version 7.0
(Dayton 1992) we introduced the current binary QSO DATA FILE (.QDF) format.
Some of the contest sponsors can read this format directly.  Your version
6.0 uses an older ASCII format which has a .QSO file extention.  I don't
think anyone can read these anymore, although the NA Utility Program
(NAU.EXE) which comes with NA can still convert these to .QDF.



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