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Rich Hallman N7TR Rich Hallman N7TR" <n7tr@rnodx.org
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 02:30:33 -0800

   First of all, CONGRATS to K8CC on a FINE product!!!   I used NA and two radios for the FIRST time and NA made the two radio break-in a joy.  Not one problem or lockup!!!   Too bad the bands werent the same!!!

Question....I just finished the two radio box with Mic connectors and I noticed with the DVP running under NA, When I play back the DVP message (F1), I get the audio FROM the DVP, NOT the Audio from the MONITOR on the radio,
This is the Un-Processed audio that is going INTO the Radio, NOT what is being sent on the air.

  I checked it with CT and all sounds fine.    Is there a switch Im missing on the install of the DVP under NA????

Bugs me alot to Hear my processed audio from the Rig during non-dvp sessions then when pressing F1, I get a VERY plain sounding CQ...Yuk!!!

  Ideas???   Thanks!!!    Rich  N7TR

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