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John Lane John Lane" <lanej@provide.net
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 12:18:00 -0000

I can well understand how in some instances it may be necessary to make mods
to the various WIN9X configurations. However, in the vast majority of cases
I have worked with WIN9X works just fine with the default DOS box
configuration.  I like the suggestion though of disabling the Windows hot
keys in the DOS box configuration.  In the future I'll try this.  Also I
have never had any problems running under FAT32.  During the last contest I
had NA running in the default DOS box with all ports operational, was
connected to the internet with a PCI modem and had Access running (in Office
97).  All this without any special configuration.  My feeling is that
problems with NA under WIN9X aren' the rule.  W8KX

>Here is what I have found followed by a repost of KK4R's Windows 95
>original e-mail to the reflector.
>>From a collection of sources and "messing around" I have found that I
>can get NA to run reliably under Windows 3.1x/95/98/NT on most computer
>boxes.  On some boxes it just won't work unless it's a real DOS box -
>no Windows.  May be a problem between the keyboard and the chair, but
>I'd like to think that is not true!
>Under Windows 95/98 make an additional Hardware Profile for "Logging
>Programs".  Go into Start | Settings | Control Panel | System
>Select Hardware Profiles tab
>Copy your Original Configuration to Logging Programs (or what ever you
>want to call it).
>Restart Windows 9x
>It should ask you which profile you want to use - select Logging Programs
>Go into Start | Settings | Control Panel | System
>Select Device Manager and remove all COM and LPT ports *** FROM THIS
>CONFIGURATION ONLY ***  Do not    Do not remove them from ALL
>CONFIGURATIONS (which I believe is default).
>Now you will have COM and LPT ports in the original config and not in
>the logging config, which will allow NA (and also those other logging
>programs) use of the COM and LPT ports without having interference from
>Even though you can get NA to work under 95/98/NT, I have to agree with
>Dave - Never let your DOS bootable floppy get away from you.  And I
>think I would go one step farther and say if you get the chance to go
>FAT32 - don't!  I don't think a DOS boot disk will recognize the FAT32
>partition and I know that if you have a FAT32 partition, Windows NT
>will never recognize it.  (Windows 2000 may, if we ever see it).
>Additionally, when I do boot from a DOS floppy, CONFIG.SYS only has the
>HIMEM.SYS and EMM386.EXE lines.  AUTOEXEC.BAT has one line:   NA
><filename> -now    Nothing much else.
>73    Hank    K8DD
>>From KK4R in June 1998:
>I run NA under Win95 or reboot under DOS, and both work.  Granted I am
>using a
>486, but I think it should work either way.  It just depends how much
>you want to do.
>If you want a shortcut for NA on your desktop or to be able to start it
>the Start menu, then running under Win95 is the simpler way to go in
>terms of
>setting it up.  For either a shortcut or the Start menu, you should
>check the
>properties of the shortcut.  (If you are using the DOS icon available
>windows, you should copy it and paste it on your desktop.  Name it NA
>making any other changes.)  Right click on the shortcut.  Choose the
>index tab.  I have the following entries:
>MS DOS Prompt
>Working: C:\WINDOWS
>Batch File: c:\bat\NA_start
>Shortcut key: none
>Run: Normal Window
>Sometimes I like to exit NA and work in DOS, so my NA shortcut just
>starts a
>DOS session and then starts NA.  NA_start.bat is a file in my \bat
>You don't need this, but it is nice to have so NA starts right up.  All
>really does is change to the correct directory (in my case,
>\hamtech\na) and
>start NA, as shown below.
>@echo off
>cd c:\hamtech\na
>If you don't want to mess with a batch file, uner the Program index
>tab, you
>could set something like the following:
>MS DOS Prompt
>Cmd Line: C:\hamtech\na\na
>Working: C:\hamtech\na
>Batch File: none
>Shortcut key: none
>Run: Normal Window
>Now, continuing to work on the shortcut properties ...
>Under the Screen index tab, make sure the program will run in the full
>Under the Misc. index tab, disable everything but Termination (warn if
>active).  If you allow any of the hot-key combinations, you will
>probably have
>Once you get all the properties set right, give it a try.
>If that doesn't work, you will have to exit Win95 and reboot to DOS.
>suggested booting off a floopy to do this, and that will certainly work.
>Alternately, you can choose Restart to DOS via Shutdown on the Start
>You can also make a shortcut to do this from Win95 that will configure
>computer for NA.  I run some DOS games that can't tolerate windows, so
>I have
>several shortcuts that reboot the computer to DOS with special
>Under Win95, you have to provide a set of commands for Config.sys and
>Autoexec.bat files.  These will be automatically installed in the reboot
>process.  You do this by settng the properties.
>Look at the properties for the shortcut you made for NA.  Under the
>index tab, choose Advanced.  Check the box for MS DOS mode.  That will
>the machine to reboot to DOS.  Notice you have a text area for the
>and autoexec. bat files that you should fill in.  These can be very
>and if you leave them blank, things might work fine.  I like to roll my
>but I am not competent to tell others how to do it for their machines.
>better look at one of the many books available for that information.
>NA likes
>a very simple configuration with the maximum memory left free.  Just
>for the
>heck of it, my files are shown below with a little notation.  Before
>going on,
>note that one you have checked the box for MS DOS mode, most of the other
>property index tabs don't do anything.  Essentially, all the info will be
>contained in the config.sys and autoexec.bat you provide.
>my config.sys:
>DEVICE=C:\windows\EMM386.EXE RAM noems
>DEVICEHIGH=C:\cdromdrv\atapicd.sys /d:cd003
>1.  The first line, beginning "device=c:\adisound...", is not needed
>since it
>only sets up my sound card.  (Notice the second line is DOS=SINGLE.)
>It will
>not work for your machine.
>2.  The next to the last line activates my cd rom drive, and it is also
>unnecessary, and should not be used.
>3.  Some of the other stuff might cause problems on a pentium (e.g.
>emm386 for
>my autoexec.bat:
>Loadhigh  c:\cdromdrv\mscdex.exe /D:cd003 /m:10 /L:G
>SET winbootdir=C:\WINDOWS
>1.  The second line is for my cdrom.  It is dead weight.
>2.  The path includes \adisound to support the cdrom and sound card.
>In any
>case the path should be tailored to your machine and not include
>Hope this is clearer than mud.  My intent was to give you some ideas with
>which to tackle the problem.  You can probably find a couple of ways to
>the cat.
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