[na-user] 10.34 issue?

Greg Clark Greg Clark <k9ig@in-motion.net>
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 14:41:59 -0500

I've got 10.34 running here on a 486/66, DOS only, version 6.  Machine
now has 16M RAM.

The problem I'm having is when I am attempting to start a new QDF file
by going in and running NA and then naming my file..ie WWCW98.QDF.  I
get to the point in the program where the window opens and asks if you
are running SO, SOA, MS etc.  The program locks.  I have to shut the PC
down and try again.  Out of 10 times in trying last night, I finally got
it to take the info and move on.

Then program then prompts me to enter a CALL and QTH info, I do and the
program then moves down to the area for your name and address etc., the
program locks at that point.  I have to re-boot.

I saw this for SS too but I only had to re-boot one time and didn't
really think too much of it.  Last night, I was beginning to wonder if
was going to be able to use the program at all.  It took about 45
minutes to finally get through the set-up procedure for this
weekend....it usally takes me about 2 minutes max.

I thought it might be a memory problem because I had only 4M in the PC
but I dropped in some extra SIMMs and am now at 16M with about the same

I have also gone back to older..ie 10.24, and this does not happen
there.  As a last resort I was going to use 10.24 to make the QDF and
then swap out the NA.EXE if I had too, but never did.

Anyone else seen this??  Any clues??



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