[na-user] country.dat

Bob Perring Bob Perring <perring@texas.net>
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 08:24:55 -0500

At 00:15 10/16/98 , Matt--K7BG wrote: 
>Bob, Can the CT files be used with NA or not? I'm a little confused on 
>this. I saw AD1C mention that files for CT/TR and I thought NA were 
>posted on the CT webpage. There are also files on the NA DATOM
webpage. I think 
>they have dates of earlier this month. 
Well Matt, 
I was probing for an answer to some of this by way of my question.

This is what I understand: 
The file cty.dat is used by CT and TR. 
The file country.dat is used by NA.
They should have the same information, I suppose, as a function of the
time as to when they were made, but I think they are in different
formats as to content.

I am thinking that the country.dat file is later generated for NA from
information contained in the most recently developed cty.dat file.
I guess I will go into each of them with a text editor over the weekend
and see what I can learn. 

I do know that the NAU program uses country.dat to develop the proper
country files for the contests. 
NAU does not seem to use cty.dat files to perform this function.

>Anyway, I downloaded some of them and got a "bad file" error when I
>to unzip them. Guess I should be sending this to K8CC. 
This might have been headphone error, as I was able to download and
unzip all OK. 
You might try again.


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