[na-user] 10.33 & CQ WW

Harry Hart Harry Hart <email@hart.cr-inc.com>
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 03:43:13 +0000

This is my first (limited) use of NA, and I noticed several things that didn't
seem to work right.  This could be the usual "cockpit error".

 *  alt-Z  Zone map looked like:


The last three rows seemed to have the correct info for 20, 15, & 10.

*  BANDMAP - I really have had trouble here.  Calls would never appear - or
disappear after a VERY short time, although I had the expiration interval set
to 00.  To get much of anything in bandmap, I had to ask for everything in
"SPOTS".  Letting NA collect bandmap info for hours woudl reveal very few
entries in a given band - although there were numerous spots.

Perhaps, I still have some incorrect setting.

Harry  K7GQ

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