[na-user] questions on 10.34

jtolbert jtolbert" <jtolbert@gremlan.org
Sun, 25 Oct 1998 20:32:08 -0500

This was the first dx contest that I used NA for after using CT for a few
years...I switched because of the better support for the 
W9XT card that NA offers. With CT you cant record messages from within the
program, the ESC key wont stop transmission,
and autorepeat cq doesn't work ( although I never did find much of a spot
to cq with my 100w this weekend). A few questions that came
to my weary mind about NA :

Is there a way to add a prefix on the fly as in CT. the country.dat didn't
recognize TO8B as FM. How can I add it now ??
CT allows TO=FM in the callsign field.

The enter key from the numeric keypad doesn't work when sending a packet
spot but seems to work otherwise.

Is there a way to send the qsx freq when split as in CT ( CT allows the "/"
key between freq.. 7050/7203 would be sent as 7050 qsx 7203)

I think the coordinates for 3V8 are incorrect. Got a real weird beam
heading on 3V8BB.  All the others seemed ok.

The autocheck partial will display calls twice if you have worked the
station; apparently once from your log and once from the 
database. Not a big problem but what I would call a minor annoyance.

Can the zone be added to be displayed with the rest of the country info/F10

I know there was one more but a cant remember now; head is still pounding.
I can say the only thing I miss from CT is the mouse
support and the ability to resize the windows/VGA mode.

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