[na-user] WPX - KG4 scoring error

Tom Horton Tom Horton <k5iid@wvadventures.net>
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 13:26:42 -0400

Guys(and gals)

In my country.dat file the individual stations in Guantanamo are listed.
I believe that it has been this way for a long time. HOWEVER, I notice 
that the first listing is just KG4(with no suffix), which I would think would 
mean to include any KG4. How about just deleting that one suffix-less item.
Wouldn't that cure the problem?

I know in times past I have worked KG4's and they did not count for Git-Mo
until I edited the .dat file. That's why I think this might work.

 I am by no means computer literate, so I may be
totally off base. If so, please just say I'm wrong and don't give me a hard
about it.

73, Tom

At 12:41 PM 4/6/99 EDT, JBaumgarte@aol.com wrote:
>I suspect the only way to handle this will be to delete the prefix KG4 from 
>Gitmo, and enter the actual call signs of the various know Gitmo stations.  
>This will then be handled much the same as North Cooks and some of the 
>various Antarctic stations.  First timers into the country.dat editing have 
>to remember to run NAU after they have completed the editing.  Type NAU at 
>the C:\NA prompt--then hit F6 (I believe).
>Not sure what our source for all the active KG4's in Gitmo will be??
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