[na-user] WPX - KG4 scoring error

dap14@daimlerchrysler.com dap14@daimlerchrysler.com
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 15:10:26 -0400

K5IID wrote:

"In my country.dat file the individual stations in Guantanamo are listed.
I believe that it has been this way for a long time. HOWEVER, I notice
that the first listing is just KG4(with no suffix), which I would think would
mean to include any KG4. How about just deleting that one suffix-less item.
Wouldn't that cure the problem?"


>From back in the beginning of time, KG4 stations had to be listed explicitly to
score as Gitmo.  Some time in the not too distant past, AD1C suggested that what
K1EA had done with CT was that five-digit KG4 calls were automatically Gitmo,
while four-digit calls such as KG4W or six-digit calls such as KC4DWT were USA.
For this to work correctly, the simple "KG4" prefix MUST appear in the prefix
list, as proven when it once was inadvertantly omitted from COUNTRY.DAT and
nothing would score correctly.

Actually, the American callsign system makes the logging program engineer's job
that makes things hard in more than just this case.  Is AH2U in Guam?  Not when
he lived in Illinois, so in contests with DX and domestic multipliers, the
software must allow the multiplier identified from the callsign to be
"overridden" by the QTH field.  Another case which is not America-specific; in
contests where they are both mults, how do you tell the difference between OH
(Ohio) and OH (Finland)?  Coding this stuff is not for the weak of heart...


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