[na-user] Beam Heading problems

Tom Horton Tom Horton <k5iid@wvadventures.net>
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 15:21:49 -0400

I think there are two beam heading problems that we are encountering
right now.
 One being the one where you have to enter the Qso before the heading shows 
up with an F10 push .....From what I can tell this is strictly a problem with 
the WPX contest. I just finished checking all the other major dx contests
and it 
works correctly on all but WPX.

 The second problem is erroneous beam headings on some countries...
I have seen this before and I can't remember what they were...will try to
find out though.I think that there are several guys looking into this.

73, Tom K5IID

 Tom Horton

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