[na-user] Beam headings

Eric Pearson Eric Pearson" <epearson@ezylink.com
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 11:47:31 -0700


The problem with beam headings occurs whenever the longitude
of the country is +/- 90 degrees from the station.

K6EP at (latitude/longitude) 37/122 gets erroneous bearings 
to PY0F (-03/032)

N4BP at 26/80 has problems with DL (051/350), 3V (036/350),
LA (060/350), and KH8 (-14/170)

K8CC at 42/84 would see errors to S9 (000/354), LX (049/354)
and 4U1ITU (046/354)

The problem with F10 in WPX is that beam headings don't show
unless the prefix has already been worked.  So if it is a
new prefix we don't see the bearing until the contact is 
logged.  And we never see the name of the country.  Of course
countries are not multipliers in this contest.  So it can be
argued that to display them would be a distraction that would 
only slow down the operator.  But I think that knowing the 
country of the station I'm trying to work would help me evaluate 
changes in propagation and to choose the best antenna or to set
the rotator.  Especially if we can't trust the beam heading 
numbers. (hi)

Eric - K6EP

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