[na-user] My NA Wish List

Jimk8mr@aol.com Jimk8mr@aol.com
Fri, 24 Dec 1999 13:30:52 EST

At year (and millenium) end, a common time for making lists, here is my list 
of things I would like to see in coming versions of NA:

1.  Checking data fields for proper selection of letters and numbers.  It 
could  be a  user selectable option.  Using SS for an example, you would get 
a beep if you put letters into the number or check field, or numbers into the 
section or precedent field.  For the callsign field it would alert a second 
number separated by more than one letter and no "/" , i.e.  W7CB/6 or 8P9Z 
would pass but 8PP9Z or K8MR64 would not. (Neither would 3DA0ACA, but that 
wouldn't bother me for the few such calls that exist).

2.  PTT assertion a brief (50 msec?) before the first character of a message. 
 I occasionally get momentary high SWR conditions on my IC-746 with power 
turndown, etc., which I suspect is related to a relay not pulling in 
completely before the RF arrives.

3.  Rover operation from a single file, not  separate files for each QTH 
operated from.  This would include a dupe checking option for "Both QTHs must 
match for Dupe".

4.  Now that paper entries are generally not allowed for electronically 
generated logs, printed logs should be optimized for review and archival 
purposes,  which in my mind means the maximum number of qsos that will fit on 
a sheet of paper.    I think for a short exchange contest like CQWW 100 or 
even 150 per page would be possible by eliminating non-changing information 
like the sent exchange or the date.
5.  Different color background for "Radio 1" and "Radio 2" bars.

6.  A very happy, healthy, and successful New Year and New Millenium for 
Dave, Tom,  Craig, and all the NA crew, as well as all of the NA users out 

Merry Christmas!

Jim  K8MR

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