[na-user] re: Fatal Error

T Mitchell (Tim) T Mitchell (Tim)" <tmitche4@ford.com
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 11:26:06 -0500

Two possible solutions I can offer...

1. Don't use 10.35, earlier versions did not do this.

2. I found that if I use TE.EXE to change the ARRLDX1.CRT, I can get rid
   of the problem.  I changed the QSO Data Fields from "call/rst/text" to

   The only thing that I can tell that would be a problem is if someone
   sends you KW, you can not enter KW as it will not accept a non-number.
   However, if you put in 1000 it is happy.

3. Wait for Dave to fix it.  He knows about it.  We are planning on operating
   the contest (from Dave's house) so I suspect that it will be fixed.

73 Tim  K9TM

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