[na-user] 2 RADIO Aggravations

Bob Perring Bob Perring <perring@texas.net>
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 16:31:11 +0000

As I recall, I had my two TS-940S radios working once upon a time under the
Windows 3.1 platform,  but, as always, of course, running in DOS.

I later went to Windows 95 on the computer, and never could get a two radio
system to work.

Deciding to completely change my radio setup system.......
I further went down the road of more aggravations by upgrading a step further
with a brand new radio computer running under Windows 98.

I am still unable to get a dual radio system running.

I have two COM ports that I attempt to use.
COM1 is IRQ4, 3F8; set to 4800 baud
COM2 is IRQ3, 2F8; set to 4800 baud
IRQ conflicts do not seem to exist, and I have done an exhaustive search for

When I configure NA 10.35 for access/control to the1st radio under COM1, Radio
One runs fine.

When I configure NA 10.35 for access/control to the 2nd radio under COM2, Radio
Two runs fine.

When I configure NA 10.35 for access/control of both radios on the COM ports,
the program will only talk to Radio 1.

If I run NA with configuration set for two radios, the program will only read
to COM1, will not respond to commands that are directed to the 2nd radio.
NA  just refuses to acknowledge that two radios are hooked up !

I am leaving the TNC and other devices out of the configuration setup so as to
allow for a cleaner problem analysis.

If I invoke other programs that might control my radios, I can make software
talk to either radio, so COM communications, cables, etc., seems to not be the

DUH !?!?!?!?!?

Any ideas ??
Am I forgetting a TSR or something tricky that I failed to document as being
necessary for NA to run 2 radios under the Windows 95 or 98 operating


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