[na-user] Using NA w/W9XT card - 2 radios

Greg Clark Greg Clark <g.w.clark@cummins.com>
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 12:53:21 -0500

This is a question for those that use the W9XT card AND use two radios.

Can the W9XT card (looks like LPT2 to the PC) be used to toggle a pin to
control radio A/B functions?

I have the W9XT card defined as LPT2 in my PC.  It is currently
configured for the DVK and CW functionality.  In the CONFIG portion of
NA where one turns on two radio support, one of the selections is LPT2
w/DVK.  Does that me I can use the W9XT card to switch the two radio
setup or something else?  Or, do I need to have another LPT port to do
the switching for two radios?



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