[na-user] Na RTTY w/mfj1224 or HB modem

Mike Smith Mike Smith" <ve9aa@hotmail.com
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 20:53:39 PST

Has anyone used NA 10.35 on RTTY with either an MFJ-1224 modem
or the homebrew one using a 741 op-amp , cct c/o Hammcomm ?

Don't really want to invest in an expensive KAM or whatever as I
can't really afford it right now, but may have a line on a real cheap
'1224.  Already have the Hammcomm interface that works with Hammcomm
pgm but need a tnc/'puter/(contest)software/ combo that'll work, hi!

thanks, Mike - ve9aa
PS-no sound card in my shack 'puter--old 486dx50, 4MB ram, Win 3.1/DOS

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