[na-user] Strange self-generating logs

Scott Dickson, KD5CAS Scott Dickson, KD5CAS" <KD5CAS@qsl.net
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 10:24:10 -0500

First, thanks to K8CC for fixing the band timer to allow for the FD 15
minute rule.  That was a big help to some of the less experienced operators.

Now some observations from FD:

Software:  NA 10.40
3 logging stations networked via LOOP configuration
No computer controlled rigs
No computer controlled rotators
No computer controlled voice keyers

During the course of FD, we had some unusual and unexpected things happen
with our logging.  From time to time, the computers would begin just adding
log entries at a rapid rate for a few seconds.  This was observed on the
screens of all three logging computers.

A preliminary review of the logs last night revealed some 350+ entries, all
on 160CW, that have exactly the same UTC and no callsign entered.  NA
marked all of the entries with no callsign as DUPE of the first one with no
callsign.  Of course, we know these are incorrect, because we did not use
160m at all.

Viewing these odd entries using the QDF view function of NAU 1.30 looks
funny too.  Here is an example:

   nr     date      time      freq   mode  tx   callsign      info     qth
 083708-16-201803:56:5248403469.6CW  0h    1A  CO                 

Notice that the freq is really odd, and that there is no callsign (the
exchange has populated the callsign field, and the 2 exchange fields are
now blank.  Remember, we did not enter this from the keyboard.  Besides, NA
will not let you create an entry without a callsign and valid exchange.

Has anyone ever seen this before?  Was it something unique to our setup, or
is there another cause?

The next thing that appeared odd was on-screen.  Periodically, just to the
left of the category field, an extra character would appear on all logs in
the logging panel.  Once a new entry was logged, these would disappear.
The characters were usually alphanumeric, but we even saw some other
non-alphanumerics too.

What do you think?


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