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Scott Dickson Scott Dickson <sdickson@iamerica.net>
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 08:40:52 -0500

>To: NA Users
>Is anybody really interested in RTTY support in NA?  IMHO, the operating RTTY
>using NA with K6STI's RITTY/BITTY program works very well.  Does anybody
use NA
>for RTTY contesting?  All the features to support RTTY added about 10K to the
>program - space that might be better used in other ways?

In response to Dave's questions above:

Yes, I am interested in RTTY support in the NA program.  I had the
opportunity to use NA at FD 1998, and have since done a couple of other
contests using paper.  I finally decided to purchase NA 10.xx this spring,
and was thrilled to know that RTTY support was already built in.  So I
started looking for the software by K6STI.  You know that story...  Hackers
hacked off Brian, so the software has vanished.

Sound card RTTY works well; I use BlasterTeletype by Rob Glassey for my
RTTY ragchewing.  Recently got a Kam Plus, but I do not like the Pacterm
software that comes with it.  I have tried RTTY by WF1B, which seems to be
a great program.

However, what would be really nice would be the ability to become EXTREMELY
familiar with just one software package (such as NA) for all my contesting
needs.  Besides, I have already bought NA, used it in phone contests, and
really like the way it works.

Therefore, I would continue to use NA for RTTY as well if the support were

I would like to see the option to use soundcard or TNC for RTTY.  The
computer I prefer to use for logging is a 386, no soundcard, and has lots
of COM ports.  I just don't want to make my P2-450 become my logging/radio
control computer.  I use it for work related purposes, and cannot take the
chance of having downtime because of my hobby.

--Scott Dickson, KD5CAS

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