[na-user] RTTY Operation With NA

dap14@daimlerchrysler.com dap14@daimlerchrysler.com
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 10:25:31 -0400

Lest anyone misunderstand my previous comment, there are no plans to remove RTTY
support from NA.  However, the fact that K6STI's programs have disappeared from
the market makes this support somewhat moot unless you already have the
programs.  Does anyone else offer a similar program, which can be run as a TSR
"on top of" NA?

RTTY operation can be accomplished using the NA packet window as a terminal, but
this is not really a good solution.  As I said before, adapting NA to talk to a
TNC instead of the K6STI TSR program should not be too difficult.  However, the
devil is in the details, and are there specific control characters or strings
required to operate these TNCs?

My only TNC experience is with packet applications, so any comments from people
who have operated RTTY using a "dumb terminal" would be useful.  Vendor-specific
terminal programs like PACTERM make it easier for the generic user by hiding the
gritty details of talking to the TNC, but then you're stuck with whatever user
interface the program provides.  The merging of RTTY terminal and contest
logging is what makes programs like WF1B or NA successful.

So, I'll make my offer again.  If someone wants to ship me their TNC (KAM, MFJ,
whatever) along with its documentation, I will code up support for a RS-232
connection to that TNC.  I MIGHT be able to do this simply with the program
documentation, but then there will likely be a series of trial-and-error
iterations to get all of the bugs out.  On the other hand, maybe the required
support is pretty simple and straightforward - which is why someone with
experience with the TNC and a "dumb terminal" might be able to clarify what is



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