[na-user] Writing WPX log files - Error 07

Eric Pearson Eric Pearson <epearson@ezylink.com>
Fri, 28 May 1999 13:56:25 -0700

At 09:11 PM 5/27/99 , David A. Pruett wrote:
>Error 7 means "out of memory.  Might I wager a guess that the
>Pentiums are Win95 machines (maybe operating from a DOS window)
>and the 486 is a real DOS machine?  There is one chunk of memory
>called the default data segment that NA uses that gets filled
>up pretty quick with lots of prefix multipliers.  If Win95 does
>not let NA have all of this segment, you run out of memory.

Thanks Dave, good guess.  When I delete everything from config.sys
my "room for QSO's" goes up to 16,383.  Then it works OK.  But
anything less than that gives me error 07.  Doesn't matter whether
there are 1300 or 3 QSO's in the log.

Eric - K6EP
look for WX6V in WPX!

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