[na-user] "Error 07" and scoring discrepancy

Ron Wetjen Ron Wetjen <wd4ahz@gte.net>
Mon, 31 May 1999 12:37:39 +0000

Trying to write my WPX logs using NA1039, I get my usual "Error 07"
message (I get this everytime I upgrade to a new version it seems!). 

Using NA1036, all worked OK.

Am using a Pentium in DOS (saw this mentioned a few days ago as a
"problem"), but why does one version work, while another doesn't?  

HOWEVER, in switching back and forth between versions, I spotted a
discrepany in my scores ....

NA1036 shows 1,924,020 points
NA1039 shows 1,922,940 points

Now to work on figuring out which score is correct ... and then solve
the "crash" problem!  

Always thought computers were supposed to make the post-contest job
easier :-)

73, Ron

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