[na-user] "Error 07" (and other memory issues)

Dick Green Dick Green" <dick.green@valley.net
Mon, 31 May 1999 14:32:27 -0400

> Trying to write my WPX logs using NA1039, I get my usual "Error 07"
> message (I get this everytime I upgrade to a new version it seems!).

This is a memory problem. I encountered three memory-related problems with
10.39 during WPX: 1) Error 07 writing logs, 2) garbage characters in the
Check Partial window when using Check Multiplier (even though Dave said he
fixed that), and 3) sudden failure to warn about dupes after several hundred
QSOs were in the log (dupes were still highlighted in black in the Check
Partial window, but no beep and no red warning message.)

The dupe problem went away when I ran 10.37 from its own directory, but
returned if I copied all the 10.37 files to my main NA directory (could be
related to the specific paths I have set up.) The MEM command revealed that
the maximum program size was down to only 578K, which means that 10.39
probably uses more conventional memory than 10.37. I have DOS in upper
memory, use UMBs and have no TSRs, so I removed the sound card drivers and
cut BUFFERS from 50 to 20. That freed up enough memory to get the max
program size to 604K, which was enough to fix all three problems. I think
the correct solution will be to put the drivers and buffers in high memory,
but I haven't tried that yet.

Dave, it looks to me as though some data stored in conventional memory gets
larger as the log gets larger. This is likely to cause more problems as you
release versions that use more conventional memory. Is it possible to
restructure the program so that all memory that grows with the log is
isolated to extended memory? Is it possible to abort and display an "Out of
Memory" message if there is insufficient conventional memory?

73, Dick, WC1M

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