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Tue, 08 Aug 2000 20:48:50 -0400

At 08:57 PM 8/7/00 +0100, David Robbins wrote:
>does anyone make a so2r switch box like the schematic in the back of the 
>NA user


There are plans afoot to be able to offer a bare PCB for the NA SO2R box.

Long time readers of this reflector will scoff at this, because I've been 
saying this for over a year.  We had a small run (5 pieces) of boards back 
in 1997 which wound up going to W4AN, K3MM, N4AR, K9TM and K8CC (now at 
W8MJ).  The board worked perfectly - as W4AN said "You can't tell its in 
the line on your SSB signal".  However, it used chassis-mounted connectors 
which made for a lot of hand-wiring.  One goal of the new design is to use 
all PC-mount connectors which will speed up assembly time.

K9TM and I have been brainstorming the new configuration, and have a new 
configuration going on paper.  Here are connectors we're thinking of:

Function                                Connector
-----------------------------------     ---------------
Radio audio in, headphone audio out     1/8 mini stereo
Radio PTT out, PTT in                   RCA phono
Radio mic out, mic in                   1/8 mini mono
Radio key out, key in                   RCA phono
Paddle in                               1/4 stereo
LPT in                                  ribbon cable to DB-25

If anyone has any suggestions, now is the time.  Since I gave away my 
original box, I now have new impetus to make this project happen before the 

I know WX0B is planning to offer a SO2R box.  Although he claims NA 
compatibility, I've not seen any details.  Its likely this will be an 
expensive box - not that Jay is a crook, its just that low volume niche 
products like this are expensive to make.  While building your own takes 
time, there might be a lot of $$$ to save.


Dave Pruett, K8CC
DATOM Engineering

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