[na-user] NA vs CT using OMNI 6+

k8cc k8cc <k8cc@mediaone.net>
Sun, 14 May 2000 23:43:31 -0400


To answer your questions:

NA was originally *very* similar to CT.  The original intent of NA was to 
support domestic contests (that's where the name came from) using the 
CT-style interface.  If CT had initially supported domestic contests there 
probably never would have been an NA.  As it was, it took Ken several years 
before he got around to supporting domestic contests.  Over the years, NA 
has "grown" lots of functions which CT does not include, but the basic core 
of function key definitions are the same.

You should be able to set up NA to do what you want - Omni-6 and Corsair, 
with a separate TopTen box for each radio.  NA will allow you to 
specifically set up this configuration.

I am not aware of any issues concerning the Omni-6+.  For a while, NA 
supported the Omni-6 via IC-735 emulation, but now there is a specific 
radio choice for Omni-6.  Several guys I know use Omni-6s with NA, 
including automatic bandswitching (see K4OJ's article in NCJ within the 
past year or so).  The remote 301 knob should not be an issue, since you've 
already got the COM port cabling running with CT.

NA does SO2R CW keying out of a single port, rather than individual ports 
for each radio a la TRLog.  Some sort of keying relay is required, similar 
to CT.  The NA manual contains a complete SO2R switchbox which does CW, 
mic, rx audio etc.  You can always implement only a portion if you like.

Nobody that I know of makes a turnkey 2 radio control box.  DATOM is simply 
not in a position to provide these.  It would seem like a good product for 
TopTen or Array Solutions, but the main problem is the lack of 
standardization.  TRLog is designed to require minimal hardware for SO2R 
(at least on CW) and CT only half-heartedly supports SO2R.  The 
NA-compatible switchbox is a good general solution that is flexible enough 
to allow software innovation but neither TR or CT appears interested.

In the past, we've floated the possibility of offering a blank PC board to 
build the NA SO2R box.  This would really cut down the time it takes for 
construction.  There always seems to be a few interested users, but 
pressures of time at our end make it hard to get the project started.  If 
people are *really* interested, we can take another crack at it for 
completion in June or July.


Dave Pruett, K8CC
DATOM Engineering

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