[na-user] NA vs CT using OMNI 6+

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I have a OMNI 6 which NA works great with no problems
kudos Dave Tnx!

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> I have had a lot of little nagging problems getting CT9.45 and other
> to do what I want.  First, let me say that CT works fine with the OMNI 6+.
> No gripes whatsoever.
> However, I am having difficulty with CT trying to do two radios.  My
> radio is a Corsair, so no computer control.  Thus, I want to have CT
> control the antenna switching via a TopTen Yaesu box on LPT1.  This will
> force me to keep the logging on the correct band for the non-computer
> compliant radio.  This works ok.  The problem is when I want to use
> LPT2 to control a second TopTen box for the second radio.  LPT2 has
> the control info for the TopTen box, but it switches between radio 1 and
> radio 2!!  Thus, the antenna for radio two is switched to the wrong band
> when I am on radio 1.
> Also, the 2-radio bit, pin 14, does not appear to work on LPT2, altho
> it works fine on LPT1.  The problem is, that with the TopTen box on LPT1
> to control the antenna, I can't get pin 14 so that I can switch the
> keying from radio 1 to radio 2.  The keying bit is active on both
> LPT1 & LPT2 at all times (they key in parallel, so to speak).
> Questions:
> 1) I read some things on the old NA reflector posting that worry me some
> about NA and the OMNI VI+.  Is it all squared away now?  I use the
> remote 301 knob, too.
> 2) Does NA let me use two TopTen boxes on LPT1 & LPT2? Can I key
> radio 1 off of LPT1 and radio 2 off of LPT2 from the Top Ten boxes
> directly or do I still need to access pin 14 to cobble together some
> switching doodad?
> 3) Does anyone make a turnkey 2 radio control box?
> Thanks -
> 4) How similar is NA to CT?  I couldn't find the DATAM site from
> contesting.com/DATOM.  I have read some of the TR manual and don't
> think I'll live long enough to get up to speed on it.
> Terry Zivney, N4TZ/9
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