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Mike Gilmer - N2MG Mike Gilmer - N2MG <n2mg@contesting.com>
3 Nov 2000 06:57:29 -0800

On Fri, 03 November 2000, "James White" wrote:

> okay - I listen to audio on my computer through outboard speakers...with a
> subwoofer, etc...

OK, you have a sound card, then.
> If I remove that cord from the audio card output I am deaf no sounds
> whatsoever when I open or close windows, etc...

Of course. Windows can detect the sound card, and uses it and therefore all the Windows sounds come out the outboard speakers.  Windows has no way to know if there are actually speakers plugged into the sound card, so unplugging the cord will just silence it.  Windows will continue to talk to the sound card, being fat, dumb and happy.
> I guess that if there is an internal speaker it is disabled...but why isn't
> the keying audio audible on the external speaker system like the boink when
> you open up an option?

While running Windows, the PC internal speaker will not usually make any noise - no matter how hard you try to get it to.  As far as I know, NA does not know about sound cards, so it should NOT attempt to use it.  NA should use the PC speaker even if there is a sound card present.

> Think this is more about computer school than contest software school

I imagine most of the problems here are! :)
> ...I will figure it out eventually!

That's the spirit!

Big Question: Are you running NA in a DOS window or did you do the right thing and boot the PC directly to DOS to try NA?

73 Mike N2MG

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