[na-user] Louisiana QSO Party 2000

Scott Dickson, W5WZ Scott Dickson, W5WZ" <W5WZ@arrl.net
Wed, 08 Nov 2000 06:58:32 -0600

Since Dave, K8CC, has been so kind as to include the LAQP crt files in the 
full release of NA, and also in the demo version, I thought this would be 
an appropriate posting for the reflector.  Also, the active contestors of 
the Twin City Ham Club use NA exclusively; consequently, we were only able 
to provide "crt" files for NA on the LAQP website.

Dave also took of his time to send several in-depth e-mails to give some 
guidance for log checking procedures, and also offered coaching during the 
fine-tuning of the multiplier rules for the first-in-20-years LAQP 2000.

--Thank you, Dave!


The Louisiana QSO Party 2000 is now history.  We've had a great time 
putting it back together.  We've learned a lot, and are already making a 
few changes to fine-tune for next year.

All received logs have been tallied, and the final results calculated.
You may view the results at http://www.tchams.org/users/contest/laqp

The certificates for category winners, and also participation certificates 
for all entrants, will be mailed within the next week.

Look for the Louisiana QSO Party 2001 next September!


--  TCHC Contest Committee
Scott Dickson, W5WZ
Jerry Miller, K5OR
Jim Rasch, N5IX
Mark Ketchell, K5ER
Jim Ragsdale, W5LA

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