[na-user] NA question on SO2R

Dan Kovatch Dan Kovatch <W8CAR@lrbcg.com>
Thu, 09 Nov 2000 20:04:26 -0500

First, kudos to Dave for the best program for contesting. No problems,
crashes (except for when I lost TOTAL house power - but I didn't lose a

I know I've asked this question before but can't find the answer. Now
that I have two computer controlled radios how do I look at my log to
research which Qs were made on radio 1 and radio 2? I looked at the SDF
file and every Q is marked 001 for TX. In the QDF view utility every Q
is marked 1h for TX. Any help here will be appreciated.

(happy with the length and classes in SS-thankyou)

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