[na-user] Need help w/NA & FT-1000MP

k8cc k8cc <k8cc@mediaone.net>
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 12:16:32 -0500

At 06:57 AM 11/19/00 -0800, Scott Davis wrote:
>Does anyone have experience setting up computer
>control of a FT-1000MP using NA10.45 and the W9XT
>interface? We have the proper cable (RS232C not NULL
>modem), but were probably missing some important


The connector on the back of the W9XT card is NOT a serial port, so you 
cannot connect it to the FT-1000MP for computer control.

The connector on the W9XT card is the connection point for the mic in, mic 
out and PTT for the voice recorder functions.

Dave Pruett, K8CC
DATOM Engineering

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