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Mike Gilmer - N2MG Mike Gilmer - N2MG <n2mg@contesting.com>
20 Nov 2000 09:25:04 -0800

1.  I experienced a curious situation during SS (as did a friend with nearly the same setup). We are both using TS-940s and NA10.50 on pure DOS machines.  I have the Kenwood interface for radio control, he the PIEXX...in case any of it matters.
During pre-contest setup (we were on the phone together) he and I could easily enter the bandmap with a CTRL-RTARROW and exit it (without grabbing anything) by hitting the ESC key.  Just now, I installed NA on my work computer and ran it in a DOS window, and the bandmap works just like this (I tested simply the CTRL-RTARROW-followed-by-ESC sequence).

However (and I noticed this happene at some point during SS CW as well) that during the contest, the ESC key became disabled for this function.  Instead, I discovered (as a true hacker) that only CTRL-LTARROW seemed to allow exiting the bandmap (short of grabbing a spot and then wiping).

2.  I noticed that if I had a bandmap up (say I was operating on 80meters) and I changed bands to 40meters (either by hitting the correct button on the TS940 OR by using Band-up/Band-down function keys), the bandmap did not change (it should go to 40 meters, no?) until I added a bandmap entry (CTRL-ENTER) on the new band.  Is this normal?

3. It seems a bit cumbersome to have to press so many keys to populate the bandmap.  I use radio control and there's no need for the dialog box for frequency to come up every time I hit CTRL-ENTER.  Also, the call remains in the callsign field after I CTRL-ENTER it into the bandmap.  Seems to me that the whole reason for doing a CTRL-ENTER is I do NOT want to work the guy just yet, but am only loading the bandmap.  If I wanted to work the guy, just logging him stuffs the bandmap.  Therefore I feel that the callsign should be deleted from the log upon a CTRL-ENTER.  This saves 2 out of the three current keystrokes.  CT works this way - not that that alone is enough reason.

73 Mike N2MG

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