[na-user] using NA to send voice messages

David Clemons David Clemons <dave@egh.com>
Tue, 21 Nov 2000 10:36:56 EST


	I am a long time user of NA, and have it all set up to send the
	typical CW messages from the F1-F7 keys.  I nearly lost my voice
	about 2 hours from the end of SS, so I think it is time to set NA
	up to do the same for phone.  (I'm still having trouble talking -
	aren't phone contests fun?)

	I have a 486 DX 100, running DOS 6.22 (windows 3.1 is on the computer
	but commented out of autoexec.bat.  I have a SoundBlaster brand
	soundcard which I occasionally use for PED.  I presume the xcvr is not
	important in this discussion.

	What do I need to do to go from here?  Any helpful ideas would be
	appreciated.  If you send me private e-mail responses, I can
	summarize the results for the reflector (minus your names and e-mail

	Many thanks.

73, Dave Clemons K1VUT

Dave Clemons

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