[na-user] Rig control puzzle

Scott Dickson, W5WZ Scott Dickson, W5WZ" <W5WZ@arrl.net
Fri, 06 Oct 2000 06:34:43 -0500

W5LA and I recently discovered that we could only get rig control to work 
on COM 2, but not COM 1, 3, or 4.  We both run NA 10.49 with Icom IC-756 
radios.  The only hardware difference between our setup is our 
computers.  On COM 2, rig control works perfectly, but will not work at all 
on the other COM ports.

Of course, since it does work on COM 2, we are able to use rig control.  It 
is just puzzling that it won't work on the other 3 ports.  CW keying can 
successfully be run off all 4 ports.


Scott Dickson, W5WZ


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