[na-user] Rig control puzzle

Ron Wetjen Ron Wetjen <wd4ahz@gte.net>
Fri, 06 Oct 2000 13:15:22 +0000

"Scott Dickson, W5WZ" wrote:
> W5LA and I recently discovered that we could only get rig control 
> to work on COM 2, but not COM 1, 3, or 4.  

At least you have ONE port working!  I've spent about a week now, trying
to get my repaired TS-930 working with the PIEXX board.  Tried all 4 COM
ports with all possible IRQ settings, and none have worked yet!  

Even Dave has sent me some suggestions, which haven't worked.

Windows "teases" you and says "here's a port and IRQ for you to use" ...
so why doesn't it work?  Even using NA's SETCOM does no good!

Computers - they make your life easier, or make your life hell  :-)

Still plugging away ...


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